Not a bad week for a business not yet launched….

Whilst we officially go live with the launch of early 2022, we have been working with clients behind the scenes to ensure that the concept works and works well.

This week, I am particularly proud of the service we are soon to offer our existing and new clients.

Our first challenge was thanks to the change in covid testing and isolating in the UK. One of our conference emcees couldn’t make it to host a client event in Frankfurt. Ordinarily this would have meant a disaster for the client, unable to replace an independent contractor at such short notice but stepped up, worked with the client and got one of the senior associates based in Europe to travel to Germany and host the event broadcast.

As a team, we have a secure database and back channel where we can draw on any client intelligence to share with the moderator/host and of course, the account manager/host worked with both the client and host to ensure a seamless handover.

Our second achievement is that we’ve now opened up into the US. We were approached to help a UK client with sourcing experienced moderators for their client virtual roundtables around the world. Our client knows that they only have to make one contact, to us here at and we can connect and source moderators and facilitators, event and conference emcees and hosts in Europe and the US.

Our client had new US client asking for a US moderator. We connected with one of our community in the US and they are hosting virtual roundtables this week for that client.

We have managed to place one of our associates in just 24 hours! A client working over at Dubai Expo 2020 needed support hosting a conference. We got the enquiry on Sunday (thanks Delegate Wranglers!) for an event starting tomorrow and we placed one of our senior team, who has moved some mountains to facilitate this virtual event.


Lastly (for this week), one of our pharmaceutical clients was looking for something fun to add on to their team meeting.

Because has associates with a plethora of different hosting and event experience, we connected them with one of our team who is taking them on a musical extravaganza today, totally bespoke and designed for them.

This is all achieved by making just one contact, one email or one call to us.

Our community of associates are stepping up; we are recruiting more and more into the team and we are ready to embrace and support clients in 2022 and beyond. I could be prouder or more excited about the future.