Introducing the academy: Elevate Your Impact with Unmatched Stage & Screen Mastery

Effective Stage Presence

Captivate Your Audience with Authenticity

Craft an impactful stage presence that resonates with your audience. Learn to deliver key messages authentically, creating a lasting impression.

Engaging Presentation Formats

Elevate Attendee Interaction and Influence

Discover presentation formats designed to captivate and engage your audience. Make your message resonate, leaving a lasting impact.

Unlock Your Potential

Find your inner emcee!

Empower your people with the skills needed to excel on stage. Our professional emcees will guide you every step of the way.

Our Masterclasses:

Becoming an Emcee:

The Ultimate Beginners Toolkit for Stage Success

Embark on a 4-part journey to master the art of emceeing. From intros and outros to handling tough situations, our experienced emcees will transform you from a beginner to a stage pro.

Pro at the Panel:

Unleash Engaging Discussions

Uncover the secrets behind captivating panels. Balance Q&A technology and in-person engagement. Ensure every voice is heard loud and clear.

Fireside Facilitation:

Mastering 121 Interviews

Become an inclusivity champion. Acquire top-notch interview techniques that captivate attendees and achieve event objectives.

From the Green Room:

Onsite & Online Impact

Transform into a dynamic presenter with bite-sized coaching sessions. Make your mark on stage, whether in-person or virtual.

NEW FOR 2024//Exclusively Association:

Tailored Moderation Mastery

Choose your path with our workshop series designed exclusively for association speakers, moderators and session contributors.


For Presidents/Executive Directors: Elevate communication, presentation development, and stage presence in a 1.5-hour masterclass.

For Conference Chairs: Master panel moderation while sharing expertise. Engage panellists and attendees for an unforgettable session.

Congress TV/Hybrid Beginners: Conquer TV, hybrid, and virtual stages. Master autocues, script reading, time management, and camera skills.